Thursday, May 26, 2011

Choosing the Best Sports Bra

If looking good is part of the reason you exercise, choosing the best sports bra is an essential first step. Don't take your breasts for granted.

Your bust is subject to a lot of stress, which is why it's so very important to be careful when choosing the best sports bra. Whether you're a casual walker or a fitness-freak, exercise is hard on your breasts.

The only way to counteract the bouncing, jiggling, stretching and sagging is to pick the best sports bra to fit your specific shape and regimen.

Here are some things to factor in when buying a sports bra.

How intense is your workout?

When choosing the best sports bra for high impact activities, like running, remember that the support from your bra is vital. Make sure you're neither too constricted nor bouncing around too much.

The support you get from your sports bra will be much better with wider shoulder straps and a crisscross across the back.

You can cause long-term breast damage without the right support.

How much do you expect to sweat?

Most sports bras have sweat-wicking technology that keeps you cool and relatively dry during a workout. However, if you buy your bras in packs of three or more then you may not get this advantage. Consider investing in just one or two really good models instead of buying in bulk.

How large are your breasts?

Your regular bra size is not necessarily the same as your sports bra size. If you normally wear a D cup and buy a D sports bra, you may be blacking your own eyes throughout the entire workout. For extra support and to keep everything in place, try a letter size down.

Although, if your regular bra is well fitted, your bra size could remain the same. The point is, a sports bra should not be painful, but it should hold your bust firmly in place and prevent most movement.

Can you try the bra on before buying?

When you're going for getting the best sports bra, the way to make that "best" choice is to try it on. This requires a dressing room. Some stores will let you try on sports bras, but others won't. Check the policy so you don't end up with something that doesn't work well for you.

While trying on a sports bra, do some serious bouncing, jumping jacks and jogging in place. If it's uncomfortable, keep on looking.

As soon as you start working out, you'll be happy that you spent the time in choosing the best sports bra. The comfort, security and support you get will be well worth any extra pennies and minutes.


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