Thursday, June 9, 2011

Good Food Digestion and Digestive System Diagram

Good food digestion starts with your diet and goes from top (mouth) to bottom (anus).

But as you'll see from the digestive system diagram below, for food to make you healthy, your digestive system must be healthy too.

If you start with healthy food and all the parts of the digestive system work well, a healthy digestive system will turn good food into good nutrition. Healthy protein, carbs and fats become healthy energy and immunity.

This means you'll look better, feel better and be much healthier.

But even with good food, poor digestion can cause digestive problems, like gas, heartburn, bloating, bad breath, diarrhea and constipation, or digestive disorders like Crohn's Disease, GERD or irritable bowel syndrome.

Digestive System Diagram and Food Digestion

The first step to good digestion and relieving poor digestion problems is to know your digestive system parts and understand what they do.

Diagram of the Digestive System

All of the digestive system parts work together for good digestion:

* Mouth: Chewing starts breaking down the food and saliva lubricates and begins the digestive process of carbohydrates.

* Esophagus: This simple tube connects mouth to stomach.

* Stomach: Here's where the action really begins. Enzymes help digest protein and cause the food to turn into a liquid form.

* Liver: As the center of metabolic activity in your body, your liver's main role is producing bile salts to digest and absorb fats.

* Pancreas: This is where a potent mixture of digestive enzymes is made for the digestion of fats, carbohydrates and protein.

* Small Intestine: The last stages of enzyme digestion take place in the small intestine, where almost all nutrients are absorbed.

* Large Intestine: Water from food is absorbed here in the colon. Fermentation also takes place and feces are formed.

* Rectum & Anus: Feces waste is stored in the rectum until expelled from the body through the anus as a bowel movement.

Prevention of Poor Digestion Problems

Good digestion and the prevention of poor digestion problems often just requires eating more healthy raw foods and high fiber foods.

Raw fruits and vegetables have plant enzymes that can help with digestion. Choose from the list of fruits, vegetables list and the list of whole grains to help keep food moving through the digestive system.

If you still have poor digestion, food-combining may be necessary. Use this food combining chart – at least until you achieve good digestion.?


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