Sunday, August 14, 2011

5 Simple Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Life!

As a new year begins, most people decide to change something about their lifestyles to improve the quality of their health, relationships, and/or working life. Some of those desired changes can be daunting, however. Fortunately, there are many small steps all of us can take to help us live a better and more fulfilling life. Here are eight ways to get started:

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables. It’s advice we have all heard but instead of just acknowledging the benefits (among them, reducing your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and eye problems, as well as keeping your blood sugar steady, thus reducing your appetite), actually do it. For both fruits and vegetables, the most nutritious are the colorful ones: orange, yellow, red, and dark green. Add fruit to your cereal; take a piece or two with you to work. Make sure both lunch and dinner include fresh vegetables.

Make Time for Good Friends. Your well-being is not only connected to your physical health; it is also highly dependent on nurturing relationships. Make it a point to spend time with people you enjoy and those who bolster your sense of self-esteem. Put the coffee, lunch, or dinner date on your calendar and make that time a priority.

MOVE! Our society, with all its technical marvels, has had a decidedly not-so-great downside: we have reduced our mobility to the point where 63% of our nation is either obese or overweight. The good news is that there are simple things you can do: take the stairs instead of the elevator, park farther away than necessary, pace while you talk on the phone, and use part of your lunch hour or break for a quick stroll.

Turn off the Electronics. Televisions, laptops, texting… your family may all be in the same room yet they are worlds apart. Set aside at least one evening a week to have an “electronics free” night. Play a board game, throw a football, or work a puzzle together.

Eat Together. This can apply to both family and co-workers. Food is much more than fuel. It is a time to relax for a few minutes and talk to one another. While it may not be possible to eat every meal together every day with your family, aim for at least 3-4 meals a week to catch up and stay in tune with one another. With co-workers, try to eat with at least one of them once a week, and vary with whom you go to lunch or dinner. It’s a great way to foster camaraderie and stay on top of things that may not be in your direct line of expertise.


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