Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Diet Slimming Pills - How Do I Choose Safe Ones And Which Ones Are A Con?

Diet slimming pills abound on the market. Which ones are good and which ones should you forgo? And, how are you able to tell if something is a scam? This article will look at the real world of diet slimming pills.

Diet slimming pills are not tested or governed by the federal government if they are sold as supplements and not medicines. Basically, if you don't have to get it for a pharmacist, it's not FDA approved. But it's not FDA disproved either. This relates to supplements bought at a local pharmacy and ones bought over the net.

Every six months or so, the media picks up on a new natural plant that seems to help with weight loss. Not so long ago, that was Hoodia. More recently it was Acai Berry.

Hoodia makes for a very fascinating case study. Bushmen in South Africa use a particular kind of hoodia and it ensures they are be able to gone without food and with limited water for several days. However, there are approximately 20 other types of hoodia. The hoodia that the Bushmen use is not accessible for marketing in the west because there are really small amounts. South Africa is working on mass cultivation for weight reduction purposes, but at this stage it's not in any diet slimming pills.

That said, there are no restrictions on the number of supplements telling us they have the right hoodia in them. Many individuals who use these diet slimming pills are unhappy to discover that they don't curb the appetite at all.

A more recent case study is the Acai Berry. Many companies are advertising that Rachael Ray and Oprah have endorsed Acai Berry. Whilst both of them have run sections on the nutritional benefits of the actual fruit, they have not endorsed some of these diet slimming pills. In point of fact, the supplements which make out they are Ray and Oprah endorsed often have only minute traces of the fruit in them and certainly not enough to have any real dieting help. They do, even so, have a great deal of caffeine in them which can be harmful to some individuals.

Hoodia, Acai Berry, and various types of supplement products are notorious for poor client service. The Tuscon Better Business Bureau has received more than 150 complaints against one company that sells Acai Berry, most linked with billing.

One thing to watch for with these diet slimming pills is free trial offers. This is a bait and switch. Usually, the trial starts the day you order the items not the day you get it. You could get your pills on day 12 of a 14 day trial offer. If you don't return them immediately, you will be billed the full amount. It is generally easier to bite the bullet and pay out the entire amount initially if a supplement seems like it might be a good thing in preference to enroll in a continuity program that has a free of charge trial period.

Ultimately, you have to decide whether a diet slimming product is right for you. Just don't believe everything you see in adverts.

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