Friday, January 27, 2012

Weight Loss Foods

Weight loss foods contain less calories and make an individual feel satiated for longer time after eating a small serving. To understand the list of good weight loss foods, read on...

Eating the correct amount calories that our body can burn is what is required to stay healthy and remain within the recommended weight range as per our age, gender and height. An individual consuming extra calorie for a period of time will become overweight and then, obese afterwards, if he/she continues to follow the same diet plan. Under such a case, including weight loss foods and at the same time, indulging in exercises will definitely aid in shedding excess kilos from the body.

List of Best Weight Loss Foods

Coming to weight loss foods, there is no miracle food item as such that will help lose excess fats that are already deposited in certain parts of the body. So, do not get carried away if somebody mentions about fast weight loss foods. It only means that some food items are low in calorie content than others, which are known as negative calorie foods. In simple words, if you replace a high calorie food with another having low calorie count, then the latter is considered a weight loss food. Listed below are some of the good weight loss foods to eat:

Whole Grains - Similar to other fiber rich diet, oats and other whole grains are listed among the best weight foods. You will feel satiated after having a small serving and the best part is they are digested very slowly, thus giving a full stomach feeling for a longer time period. You can read more on high fiber foods for weight loss.

Lentils - Very rich in protein and soluble fiber, lentils are a perfect food to lose weight in the abdominal portion and other body areas. If possible, include lots of lentil sprouts and other less oily, cooked lentil recipes in your regular diet plan.

Beans - All kinds of fresh and dried beans are rich source of proteins that keep the stomach full. So, incorporate bean recipes in the diet plan to ensure faster weight loss. Nevertheless, the serving size of the dish should also be maintained properly.

Goji Berries - In general, all types of fruits are low in calorie count. Enriched with high percentage beta carotene and more than 15 amino acids, goji berries are one of the important foods, recommended by health experts for losing weight in a healthy way.

Pomegranates - Pomegranates are found to have lots of antioxidants that help fight against free radicals. In addition, pomegranate contain low calories along with high fiber, thus it is also included in the negative calorie food list.

Apples - Besides the antioxidants and nutrients, apples also contain high percentage of fiber, which make them an ideal weight loss food. Thus, having an apple before evening snacks will make you feel satiated and eat less in snacks and also, in dinner.

Frozen Fruit Recipe - Frozen fruit with yogurt or prepared as smoothies contain low fats as compared to those made from milk cream. So, you can prepare your own frozen fruits smoothies without sugar, rather than buying them from the market. Know more on zero calorie foods.

Milk - Milk is another filling liquid food that will help you eat less meal. It is recommended to have milk in the breakfast rather than drinking fruit juice. Both beverages have same calorie content, but milk and other low-fat diary products have more protein than fruit juice.

Eggs - Including egg recipes in the breakfast help lose fats. According to nutritionist, the protein present in eggs provides a filling effect. So, after having eggs in the morning, you will eat less in the lunch time and later part of the day.

Salmon - Salmon and other fish types that contain omega 3 fatty acids are found effective to shed extra kilos. This is because the omega 3 essential fatty acids keep a person satiated for a longer time. Thus, fish supplements are often promoted as a weight loss pill.

Beef Steak - If you prefer red meat, include grilled or broiled beef steaks in your diet with salads as a side dish. The high protein content in beef help in maintaining the lean muscle mass, while you are losing weight. The same is with less fatty pork chop recipes. Know more on weight loss diets.

Other foods that are claimed to be effective for losing weight weight are artichoke, buckwheat pasta, blueberries, kale, grapefruit, yogurt, full-fat cheese, almond butter, chilies, etc. As we all are aware, healthy weight loss is all about balancing between physical activities and regular diet. Hence, do not be in the misconception that incorporating weight loss foods alone is sufficient to lose weight. Along with appropriate diet, you need to perform exercise to control weight in a long-term manner.


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