Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weight Loss Is Needed In Kansas City, Like Most Cities

Kansas City is my hometown and favorite city in the world. It was ranked recently the sixth most overweight city in the US. Kansas City needs a big weight loss. And so do many other cities.

Our way of life in Kansas City does not promote a healthy life style. Our city like most cities, being spread over many square miles, does not result in practical walking. Being too busy with our work schedule also keeps us from a healthy life style. And the food we choose to eat is also more likely not a healthy choice.

Cities changed after the end of World War II. People moved their homes to the suburbs in their new cars and on new streets. Walking to work was out, and driving to work was in. No more daily walking trips to the market, we now have weekly driving trips to the grocery store. Suburban life style is very popular and not going away anytime soon. Planned exercise for fitness now has to be included into our life style.

Most manual labor is now done by machines and our activity at work has gotten a lot less physical. This has of course been for the best, except for the activity we now miss at work. Physical work all day required a breakfast and lunch to be eaten. Today we snack on the way to work and maybe skip lunch. Eating the recommended three healthy meals a day now takes careful planning.

We control what we put into our mouths. The fast food is deep fried, donuts are loaded with sugar and processed foods are loaded with sodium. Steaks and bar-b-queue are two of the most popular foods in Kansas City. A planned healthy life style will still have room for the occasional steak or slab of ribs.

Kansas City is like a lot of cities in that our living habits and our work situations have changed, and most often not for the betterment of our health. Careful planning is needed to provide our bodies with a healthy life style.

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