Thursday, May 10, 2012

Everything Is Killing Us & Causing Cancer: So, I'm Declaring This No-Worries Day

Do you ever get fed up about health news that hints that everything you're doing, or not doing, is either killing you slowly or giving you cancer? Here's the thing, gals, I read research studies all day, every day, and lately, I've been a little discouraged by all the headlines (some of them contradicting themselves, even!), so I thought maybe you might be, too. I mean, we can only protect ourselves from health risks so much before paranoia sets in. So, I say let's take a breather and chill. Join me?

Just yesterday I read a Reuter's piece with the following headline: "Americans Bombarded With Cancer Causes." Well, that just about sums up my attitude. Sometimes all the health news out there can feel defeating, and frankly, I'm a little sick of it. So, that's why I've declared today a no-worries day. Caring about your health is one thing, but fretting about it is another.

This is where I'd like to tell you that I ate a donut yesterday. With sprinkles. And, I felt 100% great about doing so.

What do you need to stop worrying about in terms of your health? Do health news headlines ever bug you?


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