Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Healthy Relationships: What Do You Fight With Your Guy About Over the Holidays?

So funny: I caught a clip of Oprah's White House Christmas special, where the Obamas appeared to be just a teensy bit tense with each other about this funny holiday topic (and I totally related!) ...


President Obama insisted that he gave better gifts than Michelle gave him, and I think it offended her just a teensy bit. She objected, then he pointed to her pearl necklace and said something like this, "now who gave you that strand around your neck? Huh?"

I love these kind of moments because it reminds us of how alike we all are, you know? I mean, if the President and his wife bicker about presents, it makes me feel a tad more normal. (Jason, if you're reading this post, I just have two words for you: scented candles.)

But, in Michelle Obama's defense, men are hard to shop for, aren't they?!

What do you fight about with your guy during the holidays? The in laws? Kid stuff? Money? Why he hasn't proposed?!

P.S. I feel compelled to make a confession, right now: Yesterday I had a little squabble with my husband over Christmas lights. Can you say bah-humbug?


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